At The Tallest Poppy, we have made an absolute commitment to preparing our food with love. 

Dear Friends,

It's exciting times for us here in our new neighborhood of beautiful West Broadway . Our latest incarnation is located at 103 Sherbrook, at the corner of Sherbrook and Westminster at the front of the Sherbrook Inn.

Some things have changed since we came here: We’re bigger now. We serve dinner until 11:00pm, 6 days a week (9 pm on Sundays). We have a bar where you can hang out and enjoy our specialty cocktails, we make our own sausages, and we have Eileen. We have menus printed on paper, fried chicken and waffles (made by a real Belgian!), and we have chicken soup with matzo balls my mother made.

Some things have stayed the same though. The chairs still don't match, the music is elcectic, and we are still committed to making you intentional, delicious, carefully prepared meals.

Please come visit; we’ve missed you terribly.
The Tallest Poppy

Other things you may want to know...

The Pre Game:  Any beer and a shot of Jameson for $10. The perfect way to start your night. 
Wings: Either fried chicken style or classic. BBQ, or Hot. By the 1 lb. Or you can pair a pound of them with any two Half Pints beers for $20.

Residency program: One weekend a month we invite a different artist to come and work alongside diners. All the details here-
Every First Friday: After you have seen all that the Winnipeg art scene has to offer come join your fellow art lovers for a drink and a dance. Staring at 10 pm we will have DJs, snacks, and special drinks to celebrate our flourishing art community.