At The Tallest Poppy, we have made an absolute commitment to preparing our food with love. 

For us, “love” means that the food we serve is produced and sourced locally wherever possible. OK, we live in Winnipeg, so in winter, obviously, produce will come from other markets. But when it is available, we will source our food locally. It means that our sausages are purchased from Harbourside Farms, because their meat is raised naturally, locally, and has no antibiotics or growth hormones. It means our coffee is Black Pearl, beans roasted in our neighborhood, with care to ensure that the coffee is always rich and flavourful. Our eggs are free run.

For us, “love” means that we bake our own bread, fresh, every day using recipes that have been in the family for generations.

For us, “love” means that food is prepared thoughtfully, with consideration of your individual food requirements: If you are vegetarian, vegan, a raw food aficionado, or if you have other dietary restrictions, we are happy to prepare meals that will satisfy your palette, and respect your food choices. 

For us, “love” mean family-style meals.   Slow cooked food, prepared with love and care, is served at the right pace—a pace that will allow you to drop in for a quick business lunch, or a 2 hour brunch. Bring your office staff, bring your book club—by all means, bring your family. We are committed to accommodating your needs either at our place or at yours—we deliver.

We also specialize in catering services: customized meals for busy people. For office functions, for private parties, or for personalized chef services, Phone 957-1708 to discuss a customized catering menu.

We are looking forward to seeing you!