At The Tallest Poppy, we have made an absolute commitment to preparing our food with love. 

Dear Friends,

Its exciting for us here in our new neighborhood. Our latest incarnation is located at 103 Sherbrook, at the corner of Sherbrook and Westminster at the front of the Sherbrook Inn.

Something’s have changed since we came here. We’re bigger now. We serve dinner until 11:00pm 6 days a week. We have a bar where you can hang out with Steve Ackerman. We make our own sausages, and we have Eileen. We have menus printed on paper and we have chicken soup with matzo balls my mother made.

Some things have stayed the same though. We are still committed to making you intentional delicious carefully prepared meals. And more than likely, Avi will still not bring you any cutlery.

Please come visit, we’ve missed you terribly.

The Tallest Poppy


Come for Brunch on the river!!!

Please join us February 1st, 7th and 8th. $25 dollars all in for a beautiful feast. We open the tent at 8:30 am and will serve untill 2:30 pm. Our two-tone Ceasrs and special mimosas will also be available. As will Irish Coffe, Scottish Coffee. And Hot chocolate.

Cash only please. See you on the ice!

The Tallest Poppy